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Radio Communications Products

The CAL-AV line of Radio Communication products includes Antennas, Baluns and Mobile Antenna Springs:

  • Antennas - ranging in size from small VHF/UHF through large rotatable HF arrays of over 70 feet long. Physically small antennas, including HF compact magnetic loops and end loaded HF versions.
  • Baluns - EB-1, EB-2, EB-3; external bead BALUNs constructed of a length of Teflon coaxial cable surrounded by ferrite beads.
  • Mobile Antenna / Mast Spring Assemblies - MARK-5, MARK-6 Commercial grade mobile antenna springs of polished, all-stainless construction. The MARK-5 has found wide use in both amateur radio and UGV applications. The Mark-6 is used for both large whip antennas and for UGV masts and antennas.


Voice: 520.624.1300 | Email:

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Mobile Antenna / Mast Spring Assemblies
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