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Special Projects

The majority of CAL-AV's efforts are applied to special projects; that is, design, development, and/or fabrication of electronics to fill a client's needs. Our resources include associates that are at the top of their respective fields.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of depth and breadth in engineering knowledge, supported by many years of experience. Because of that experience, the cost of many developments, even one-off projects, are often less than one might expect.

More and more, because of staff reduction, or a company's desire to stay focused on its core area of expertise, many of our clients are finding that it makes sense to move certain projects into organizations such as ours.  CAL-AV's clients and customers are typically research labs and operational users from government, industry, and universities.

The scope of our capabilities may best be appreciated by reviewing the following partial list of past design/fabrication contracts:

  • Magnetic sensors for (rail gun) NSWC, BAE Systems, NRL, Gen-Atomics
  • Telemetry based real-time data acquisition system - U.S. Army
  • Carrier telephone alarm system - Culbertson, Ind./ Western Electric
  • Wind tunnel pressure ratiometer instrument - NASA
  • Scanning system for Collins digitally synthesized receiver - Pacific Marine
  • Combined timing and EBW detonating system - DOD
  • Electronics for internal-combustion engine research - Sandia Labs
  • HV pulse generator for cosmic-ray detection chamber - Triumph, Canada
  • Wide-angle laser warning system - SRI International / DOD
  • Timing and data acquisition electronics for numerous LIDARS - SRI International
  • Multi-frequency, physically small HF antennas - Force 12 Antennas
  • Airborne antenna array for foliage penetration radar - SRI International
  • Underwater motion picture lighting equipment - B.W. Productions
  • Special timing equipment - Numerous labs worldwide
  • Airborne carburetor-ice detector
  • Atomic-clock based multi-channel timing system, DECADE - Physics International / USAF / DOE

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