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EZNEC Model Files for 2D-40A


The EZNEC2 Version 2 (.EZ extension) antenna modeling program is required to read these files. All of the files are for antennas set for "mid band" tuning so that the VSWR is nearly equal at the band edges. These models are field verified and are quite accurate.

Download EZNEC 2D-40A Antenna Model Files
(8K Zip file)

The viewer understands and acknowledges by proceeding, that these models are for his or her personal use in evaluating the antenna. Commercial use, or transmission or copying by any means is expressly prohibited. All 2D series antennas are protected under U.S. Patent No. 6,411,264.

The zip file contains the following 8 files:

  • 2d40mb70.EZ - Antenna mounted at 70 feet. This is 1/2 wave length in height and is the minimum recommended mounting height for the antenna. It is the optimum height for coverage of the North American continent. It is also the correct height above local earth to use for an antenna sited on a narrow hilltop. In the case of a hilltop location, the Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) in the direction of interest should be used as the "effective" mounted height for DX path takeoff angle considerations.
  • 2d40mb21.EZ - Antenna mounted at 210 feet. this is approximately 1.5 wavelengths and is the "optimum" height for long haul DX work from a relatively flat location.
  • 2d40mb14.EZ - Antenna mounted at 140 feet. This is one wave length high. It is useful for stacking with another antenna at 70 feet. Also, it is a good compromise height for a single antenna to be used for both short and long haul work. Actually, the antenna will function correctly and be tuneable within the physical limits of the adjustments when mounted at any height 70 feet or higher.

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